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Student Nurse Shares in Mat/Child Health Care Knowledge Exchange

Morgan Nealy, a fourth year nursing student from the University of Vermont, just finished her practicum in Bangladesh with a group of fellow students led by returning professor Dr. Rycki Maltby. The group visits a number of sites including IUBAT and the Center for Women and Child Health in Dhaka, which is also a clinical placement for IUBAT nursing students. Nealy, who is passionate about neonatal nursing, describes her experience at CWCH with great enthusiasm.

“Upon visiting CWCH in Dhaka, I was excited to learn more about their methods for handling premature and low birth-weight infants.  During pediatric rounds, we visited the unit containing this patient population.  The attending physician and I had a long conversation about the similarities and differences of care of these infants in the U.S. versus care of these infants in Bangladesh.  Given the limited resources they possess, their survival rate of 32+ week babies is incredible.  The physician I spoke with was clearly proud of the work they do at CWCH, and how they are able to adapt with limited resources to give these infants a fighting chance.  I was extremely impressed by my visit, and it is something that will always stick with me.  Seeing a mother peel back five fleece blankets to reveal her 3-kilogram baby, a true survivor, was absolutely inspiring.  The involvement of the families was absolutely spectacular.  It serves as another reminder that money and resources aren’t everything in healthcare – compassion and a drive to save lives is much more important.  I look forward to bringing this new perspective into my practice in my senior practicum this semester and as a new nurse.”

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