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Part II: Thank You, তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ, dhonnobaad to our Volunteers Working from Home


Over the past decade, many people have volunteered time and resources to make the Bangladesh Health Project so successful. There were so many generous contributions:

– Many people donated money that was used to pay guest-house expenses for visiting faculty volunteers, for teaching materials, and for expenses such as audits or website fees. – Some people donated money to subsidize poorer students, or for hepatitis immunization so that all the nursing students were protected.  Several people donated used computer equipment, all of which were “tuned up” by Pete Jones of IT Works. – We received regular donations of textbooks from librarians at the College of Registered Nurses of BC and from graduating Canadian students. – Christina Paone of Paone Creative designed and updated our beautiful website, which has been visited thousands of times by people all over the world. – Jen Preston helped manage volunteer applications, Helen Trung maintains the blog, Sara Jackson manages our recognition program for returning faculty and gathers textbooks. – Students and faculty at Vancouver Community College and at University of Vermont raised funds locally before making their site visits to IUBAT. – Irene Clarence, the Executive Director at Mid-Main Clinic, has provided terrific support over the entire period of the BHP.

We are grateful to all these globally-minded colleagues and friends who have helped the project from their own homes and workplaces.


Finally, thank you to our website visitors and our blog readers, who have been steadily gaining in numbers. Our boundless gratitude for your continued interest in the BHP’s progress and for your support. Our humble site and international efforts have attracted visitors from all around the world. Being able to share our stories with interested parties, potential and past volunteers, current/former students and everyone in between is something that we truly value.

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