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Part I: Thank You and তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ, dhonnobaad to our Volunteer Faculty!

icddrb team 007

Due to the lack of qualified nurse educators in Bangladesh, international volunteers have taught most courses at IUBAT’s College of Nursing. Over the last decade, about 100 individuals paid their own travel expenses to volunteer with us.

Our visiting faculty are truly international, coming from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Middle East, Philippines, Portugal, UK and USA. They have been role models as successful, respected and well-paid professionals. Their presence helped change attitudes in the university as well as in our partner teaching hospitals. Showing solidarity with local nurses, demonstrating commitment and critical thinking – built our credibility as outsiders striving to change outdated views of nurses and nursing.


As a result of their capability and commitment, about 50 young men and women from Bangladesh and Nepal have graduated with BSN degrees. Local and expatriate doctors and nurses providers tell us they consider our graduates the best-prepared nurses in Bangladesh. Most are working in their own countries, many in leadership roles. A few are overseas in careers or higher education.

Thank you to all of our volunteer faculty. This generous effort will have benefits for these nurses, their future students and all their patients for decades to come.
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