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Our teaching partners, CWCH and U of Vermont

Each year, a group of BS (nursing) students studying under Dr. Hendrika Maltby  at U of Vermont visit Bangladesh and IUBAT as part of their community  health field experience. In January 2012, their fieldwork included observation and practice at one of our teaching hospital partner sites, CWCH – the Centre for Woman and Child Health in Savar. Photos show students working with CWCH Nursing Director, Sister Margaret Sarkar. At the request of the CWCH medical director, Dr. Khurshid Talukder, Dr. Maltby provided some feedback, noting that the students were very impressed with how much can happen with the resources at hand.  “It was powerful to see how the millennium development goals are being put into action at CWCH.”

“This experience helps me to realize that patient care can be provided without the use of fancy equipment.  It is about how compassionate you are and how much you are willing to give.”

Overall, praise for CWCH is high and students appreciated the opportunity to spend time there.

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