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Project Leaders

Alex Berland

Advisor on Health Sciences, IUBAT, Bangladesh; Director, Mid-Main Community Health Centre

John Richards

Professor, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University, Canada; Director, Mid-Main Community Health Centre

Mid-Main Community Health Centre in Vancouver, Canada is sponsoring this international project as a means to contribute to global development. Several of the Canadian volunteers on this project have also served on the Mid-Main Board of Directors. As a progressive service provider, Mid-Main wants to share its successful experiences and support international efforts for health improvement and economic development.

Since 2003, Bangladesh Health Project volunteers have been working In Bangladesh. To start, we helped Dhaka’s IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and Technology – to launch a nursing college (BSc Nursing). Some graduates now work in Bangladesh and Nepal as front-line nurses, instructors and leaders; others emigrated abroad for work or further study.

Following this success, we converted the BScN courses developed for IUBAT into Open Education Resources to support novice nurse educators globally. Those resources are now available from Nurses International and have been downloaded by users in over 100 countries. Our latest initiative is to support IUBAT in developing a Masters in Public Health program, which will provide a career pathway, especially for nurses.

Since 2010, we have worked with Sajida Foundation, a leading Bangladesh non-government organization [NGO]. In Sajida’s urban hospitals, BHP volunteers have assisted with projects involving nursing care, infection control and quality improvement. In Sajida’s community programs, volunteers are helping to improve home care for elderly and disabled people.

Health and education needs are especially challenging in rural areas of Bangladesh. Starting in 2009, the Bangladesh Health Project has worked with Oasis for Posterity. This NGO is tackling the social determinants of health with health care bursaries, nutrition supports and education.  Current projects include support for a primary school and development of a small college to train community health workers along with other vocational programs.


The Bangladesh Health Project offers volunteers a meaningful way to support population health in Bangladesh through education. Prior to the Covid pandemic and hopefully again soon, volunteers have travelled to Bangladesh to teach BScN and MPH students and to provide professional development for hospital- and community-based practitioners.

Presently, we focus on home-based volunteer activities, developing curriculum and other educational materials for nursing and public health students. We also need help with our Canada-based activities, such as research and evaluation, communications with supporters, and writing proposals and scholarly publications related to the Project. Please contact us for more details.